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As many know, the Innovation Institute lost our founder and director, Dr. Gerald Udell, back in July 2013.  Despite being ill well before his passing, Dr. Udell continued to work with inventors up until just a few months before he died.  Because of his illness, though, Dr. Udell had already passed on the directorship duties to his daughter-in-law, Ms. Gabriele Udell, MBA, and Ms. Udell has continued to direct activities of the Innovation Institute and act as its chief evaluator ever since.

Ms. Udell, though, will be undergoing a significant medical procedure in the near future, a procedure that will have an extended recovery time.  Because of her unavailability, we–the owner, Mrs. Karen Udell, the director, and the rest of us involved with I2–have decided to stop accepting new client submissions at this time, and have removed access to the forms download pages.

In the short term, Innovative Product Technologies, the only current licensee of the PIES system, may be a resource for inventors looking for a balanced marketability evaluation; their web site is, although we do not know if they are currently accepting new clients.  In the longer term we are also looking at making our evaluation manual, Evaluating the Commercial Potential of Ideas, Inventions and Innovations, available in e-book form for those who are interested in reading about the details of the PIES system.

CURRENT CLIENTS:  Any evaluations we have received or that are in the mail as of the date of this note (March 25, 2015), we want you to know that your evaluations will be completed, and we will be able to respond to questions about them (although turn-around time may grow, as indeed it already has).  Evaluation submissions postmarked after April 1, 2015 will likely be returned until such time as we decide to open for new client submissions.



About Us

To the best of our knowledge, I2 is the oldest continuous program combining research and service to assist inventors and innovators in their efforts to conceive and commercialize potential new products, processes, and services. Our programs are now organized under the WIN (World Innovation Network) Innovation Center and the WIN Evaluation & Assessment Service.

Check out our background information for more information about our experience in innovation evaluation and assessment. There you will find information about the 34+ year history of the research and development behind our evaluation and assessment procedures. You’ll also find information on our various programs, including our PIES-XII/XIII invention evaluation service and our PAS-III product assessment service.

The WIN-I2 Innovation Evaluation Service is an inventor/innovator assistance service that provides inventors, entrepreneurs, and product marketing/manufacturing enterprises with an honest and objective third-party analysis of the risks and potential of their ideas, inventions, and new products.

To learn more, read our background information on invention evaluation; the Innovation Institute (we call it I2); and our primary service:  the PIES-XII/XIII, preliminary invention evaluation service.

Client Comments

You can find some comments we’ve received regarding us, our evaluations, and our evaluation manual in our Client Comments section.

I2 WIN Registration and Disclosure Forms

If you’ve decided an invention evaluation or product assessment is your next step, we’ve got the forms you need to get the process started.

In order to evaluate your new product idea, invention, or product, we will need some information about it. If you have an invention or new product idea, you will need our PIES XII/XIII Invention Registration and Disclosure Form. If you have a product that’s already being sold or that is fully market ready, the PIES system may still help you identify some areas of weakness (we will add additional criteria from our old PAS product assessment service).. We will need a completed Registration & Disclosure form and the appropriate fee before we can start your evaluation/assessment. You can print the appropriate form from your web browser or download the form (in common word processor formats) and print it at your leisure. (Note: If you are unable to print these forms for any reason, just e-mail us at or write to us at Innovation Institute, 17551 North Old #7, Sturgeon, MO 6284 and request a registration packet.)

Our FAQs

Have specific questions? Check out one of our FAQs for answers to some of the common ones:


Visit our Contacts page for a complete list of mailing and e-mail addresses and participant web-sites.

Our Disclosure Statement

We encourage inventors to obtain disclosure statements from all those they do business with, and in keeping with that we voluntarily make present our own disclosure (note that this same page comes with our invention Registration and Disclosure Form–see above).

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